Navigation systems



Your specifications including vessels type, operating environment, legacy systems, and desired end results.



Based around our standard systems, we design, build and test a customised solution to your specifications.



The system is installed and tested on location in your asset, with technical supervision from our team.



We provide all necessary training for operating the system including basic cleaning and maintenance.



Our technical experts are available to provide remote support or on-site assistance.


SkyDec’s top-of-the-range host and navigation system, specifically for High Value Units. The most flexible and versatile system to provide all systems on board with GPS data using standard or customised outputs. Equipped with a SAASM enabled GPS for Precise Positioning Service and advanced capabilities against jamming.

Optional extenders include an eLoran receiver, SBAS & DGPS receiver, port replicators, a redundancy switch and extenders designed specifically for your vessel.


High-end navigation signal systems can be compact and modular. The 06Series provides all systems with accurate and reliable GPS data and HQIIA signal. The systems runs on SkyDec’s PCB’s and ‘Sentinel’ software, and includes an SPS receiver. Capabilities can be expanded with extenders, a port replicator, a redundancy switch and a vessel or system specific extender. All extenders are one unit high and can easily be mounted above the host system in the same 19” rack.

Designed for a 19” rack, the system can also be delivered in a protective housing on shock mounts.

06SERIES are available in a MIL GPS and eLoran version.


As rugged as military navigation data distribution units get. The 07Series is designed to provide reliable and accurate GPS and time data on submarines, small vessels, army vehicles and helicopters. It is designed for effectiveness under any conditions, and can be equipped with SAASM enabled GPS for Precise Positioning Service and advanced capability on counter jamming.



We design and manufacture customised hardware around the GPS (GNSS) and eLoran technologies, for installation in integrated bridges.


Working with Military Code GPS, our specialism is developing interfaces to provide navigation, timing and synchronisation signals to your legacy systems.


Our technical experts perform installation to ensure a robust, proven solution.


Client technical teams are trained in system operation and basic maintenance.


Our technical experts are available 24/7 on demand, and on your location if required.

R & D

The next generation of robust, anti-jamming and secure GPS systems is in development.

a selection of our projects

  • December 30, 2011

Danish Royal Navy

  • August 15, 2009

LCF – Royal Dutch Navy

  • August 15, 2007

K130 – German Navy

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