SkyDec at exposition Recht Door Zee. June 7, 2022

About a year ago, SkyDec was asked to participate in the exposition Recht Door Zee, in Mercator Museum in Sint-Niklaas Belgium. An exposition [...]

Danish Navy enhances operational preparedness March 23, 2022

During a recent software update to incorporate newly requested features into our Military GPS systems, the Danish Navy decided to start ordering of [...]

SkyDec on board Qatar Navy CTS January 28, 2022

Anadolu Shipyards (ADIK) has started sea trials of the second Cadet Training Ship for the Qatar Navy. The first CTS was delivered to the QENF in [...]

Second System Completes RCN’s JSS Delivery November 3, 2021

Contracted by OSI Maritime Systems, SkyDec 06SERIES was selected to fulfil the requirement for Military GPS on board of the Royal Canadian Navy’s [...]

SkyDec supports long term evaluation by SNMCMG-1 October 12, 2021

Thanks to cooperation with our Polish partner Thesta, SkyDec Military Navigation equipment has been selected to take part in a long term evaluation [...]

Successful LAN interface with OSI NavTac DDU July 27, 2021

For the Polish Kormoran MCM program, we work closely together with our Polish partner Thesta. As part of integration of our 06SERIES MIL GPS host [...]

SkyDec at Balt Military Expo April 19, 2021

Thanks to our Polish agent THESTA, SkyDec will be virtually present at the upcoming BALT MILITARY EXPO 2021 fair. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, [...]

Support to the Royal UK Navy April 14, 2021

For a recent call for support an out of the box approach was needed. Instead of being challenged by logistic delays caused by Brexit, we decided to [...]

SkyDec member of GEODE February 12, 2021

SkyDec is proud to be selected as one of the subcontractors in the European funded GEODE program. GEODE will establish the framework for developing [...]

Thesta, our Polish representation February 9, 2021

For our representation in the Polish region, SkyDec started a cooperation with the company Thesta since 2018 . Thesta is a company targeting at the [...]