Are you absolutely sure about your position?

Are you absolutely sure about your position?

A while ago, we were asked for help because a navy ships fire control system did not accept the GPS signal to actually activate the missile. What happened? The timing of the civil GPS signal appeared to be incorrect and the system simply did not work anymore. Luckily, it happened during the testing phase, but imagine what could have happened if it was during a mission critical operation?

All missions start with awareness, situational awareness. Being aware of where you are, knowing what threats are surrounding you, and knowing when, where and how threats will affect you and the people that trust on your protection.

In building up your situational awareness, the key factor is your location. Intel about enemy activity is useless without knowing where you are. Without reliable information about your own position, it is impossible to know in which direction you should defend yourself, and it is impossible to determine how long it will take before offenders will reach you.

The same applies for any Head Quarters or Mobile Command Unit; a field report is of no value without reliable information about your own position.

SkyDec has been serving Military Forces for decades by providing high-end GPS solutions and onsite support. SkyDec is a Dutch company specialized in Military GPS solutions with its own R&D and Manufacturing departments. We are fully accredited by the United States authorities to develop and integrate with military GPS (Crypto and Keys).

Our core business is Military GPS Host Systems. However, as part of our scope we also provide an entire set- up of fully interfaced and integrated COTS products for a combined Navigation and Communication suite for small craft in use by e.g. Special Forces. The products we make are designed and built in accordance with Military Standards and are integrated successfully on a variety of (Naval) platforms. We supplied to many (NATO) countries already, such as for instance the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Spain and Turkey. Please check our website for more information or call us at +31 (0)10-462 77 77.


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