Partnership with Wärtsilä ELAC NAUTIK

Partnership with Wärtsilä ELAC NAUTIK

SkyDec is proud to announce to represent Wärtsila Elac Nautik GMBH in the Netherlands. Wärtsilä ELAC Nautik is a market leader in hydro-acoustic systems for naval, hydrographic and commercial applications.

The product portfolio includes sonar solutions, underwater communication systems, as well as navigation and multibeam echo sounders. The products are developed and manufactured in Kiel, Germany and are renowned for their high reliability, robustness, and advanced technology. With the specialization in equipping new vessels with innovative products, and developing customer-specific modernization solutions, ELAC also offer installation, logistics, and service support for all their products, and can provide product training if required.

Founded as ELAC (Electroacustic GmbH) in 1926, the company has extended its product range constantly. Today, Wärtsilä ELAC Nautik’s systems and products are installed on almost all NATO vessels, as well as on the navy vessels of most friendly nations. In addition to steady growth in the naval market, a worldwide reputation for hydroacoustic systems for research vessels has been achieved, including an established and reliable partner for the commercial shipping industry. In 2015, ELAC Nautik became part of the Wärtsilä Corporation.


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