Do you have a back-up if your GPS signal fails?

Do you have a back-up if your GPS signal fails?

Over the last few years more and more news items warn us about the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the GPS / GNSS systems. Recently, there have been renewed reports of GPS jamming from North Korea. What happens if your military navigation system fails due to the loss of a GPS signal?

An old technology has the answer. The Loran-C (long range navigation system) was originally developed during WOII. Today the USA, Russia and Asian governments are investing in the technology because it is very difficult to disrupt. The eLoran receiver is a modern and advanced version that is a reliable back-up in event of jamming.

SkyDec, a world leader in military GPS systems, has seen a growing demand for eLoran receivers for naval forces around the world. When installed it automatically switches navigation to the land based eLoran signal if the GPS signal is jammed, spoofed or simply not strong enough.

Do you want to make sure that your military navigation system does not purely rely on satellite signals?

SkyDec can interface the eLoran receiver into your existing navigation systems. There is no need to replace legacy equipment. Without interrupting operations SkyDec can have your military navigation system protected against GPS jamming and futureproof.


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