eLoran, a proven positioning and timing back-up for GPS

eLoran, a proven positioning and timing back-up for GPS

Last April the enhanced Loran technique was successfully demonstrated at the New York Stock Exchange.

It is not common knowledge that next to positioning, timing is also a crucial part of GPS, and global operations such as financial transactions depend on the timing capabilities of the GPS satellite signal.

Precise and synchronized timing is critical to the financial markets just as positioning and timing is critical for military vessels navigating hostile waters.

Now that eLoran is a proven timing back-up for GPS in the financial sector, more and more industries will recognize the importance of having multiple timing sources.

SkyDec, a world leader in military GPS systems, has seen a growing demand from Naval forces for receivers using eLoran technology, as a back-up positioning and timing solution.

Are you relying purely on satellite signals? Contact SkyDec for details how to equip your navigation system with both a military GPS and Loran-C/eLoran system.


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